Running with the Baby


It’s becoming that time of year, at least in Florida, where it’s nice to run at any point in the day. So, I’ve dusted off my running shoes and got the jogging stroller ready.

My baby is now old enough to be in the jogging stroller, even though she’s still petite in the restraints, she doesn’t bounce around or seem uncomfortable.

We’ve been venturing out for a run at least once a week this past month. We started off with a mile, then two miles, and my last run was 2.75 miles.

I have a BOB jogging stroller – an older model but it works great. Pushing it is a breeze as it doesn’t feel like extra work. It also glides nicely and doesn’t bounce all over the place with every nook or crack in the sidewalk. And best of all – she absolutely loves it. Most of the time she talks to the trees, stares at everything to take it all in, or takes a nap.

Because she loves being outdoors so much, when she’s cranky and I put her in the stroller she immediately gets quiet and ready for the trip. It’s a great way for me to keep calm and get a good run in all while helping her to calm down and enjoy the change of scenery.

I’m also excited to say that I’ve been able to keep my pace while pushing her – a steady 10 minute mile, give and take some time for street crossing and traffic.

I can’t wait to do more runs with her and get even better!

Baby and I after a nice 2 mile run.
Baby and I after a nice 2 mile run.

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