6 months postpartum

I’m now 6 months postpartum, and I’m down the 10 pounds I was working towards! Down a total of 25 pounds. But, I’m still about 3 to 5 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.

I can fit in many of my same clothes again. But, some of my bottoms can’t fit my waist. My hips seems little more open still and my stomach is a little more soft than what I was previously.

I’m OK with my body changes. I did just bring a beautiful girl into this world. I’m also getting fit and healthy for me and to set a good example for my daughter.

I also wasn’t able to do my running challenge. Parenthood made that hard for me. I got sick, which took me a week to recover. Work became busy, and I couldn’t find time to run before work or at lunch. As a new mom, I didn’t want to run after work in the gym, because I look forward to picking up my daughter and spending time with her. Then she got sick, and I spent a week with her at home.

I find it amazing I didn’t gain weight during this month and actually continued to lose. So now I know I’m doing something right by watching what I’m eating.

With August right around the corner, I plan to try and run as I can and get back into lifting weights again. My daughter is also 6 months now, and can now be in my jogging stroller. However she is still a little too small for her to sit in it securely. But that’s OK. By the time this summer heat starts to cool off, she’ll be ready for ride in the jogging stroller. I for one, am looking forward to taking her with me.

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