Making Time to be Me


This week’s challenge was finding time to be me. Who is that now, really? Me = a wife, mom, a social media guru, a friend, a runner and so much more.

Balancing life before my baby girl, was a normal balancing act. Now, adding mom to that role has been quiet a challenge.

How do I find the time to be me, all of me? Well, I take it one day at a time and remember that it’s OK that I’m still learning.

The Wife & Mother

So far, I remember that my husband is my rock and try to lean on him when I need help and support. I also ensure we have our one on one time together.

I then cherish the small moments with my daughter: cuddling and nursing before an after work.

The Runner

I use to run before or after work. Now, to have more time at home with my husband and baby, I decided to run during my lunch break. I also have a friend at work who has been my workout buddy. We’ve been holding each other accountable for our gym sessions. 💪

As for other workouts, I haven’t got quiet there yet. I need to find time for yoga and strength training.

The friend, daughter, family member

Then there is me: the social butterfly. I love to be around people, my family and friends. This one has been a little more challenging for me. For one, I have new responsibilities as a mom. So I have to remember that my baby has a bed time routine. She also needs to come with me unless I have a babysitter and also plan a pump session as I’m still nursing.

Everyone is supportive of me being a mother and nursing. This is the best blessing.

I’ve found that it can be a little of a challenge for my friends who don’t have kids. They are not accustomed to this new world of mine. I have to give them a break and help them figure things out.

In Conclusion

I’m taking it one day at time and just being me – all of me: a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, runner, and more.

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