Hitting the pavement in half training

Hitting the pavement has been a struggle, not only physically … but mentally.  It has been a struggle after getting into a groove of running 50 to 60 miles in August and September, to hardly any running in October.

Physically, adding more miles after dropping to only one mile a week has been tough on my muscles. The muscles in my body haven’t been sore from running in a long time.

The soreness has helped push me by having my body realize that it is quickly getting out of shape. It has been the motivate needed to not only get back on my running shoes, but also hit the weights again.

Mentally, I’ve been trying to talk myself into getting my tennis shoes on and hitting the pavement.

But, the last two weeks I look at my pup and she motivates me to go outside. She gets so happy when we go outside, whether we are running or walking.

The dog has been the motivation to be outdoors the last two weeks.If I don’t run, I’ll go for about a 20 minute walk (which comes to about a mile or more).

I may not hit close to 50 to 60 miles in my running totals for the month, mainly because work got me out of the groove. But, in the last two weeks I’ve add about 10 to 12 miles. I am trying to hit 30 miles or more by Monday.

Motivation. Time to get on the shoes and bear through the pain.


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