20 miles in the books

I’m a little sore, I’m energetic and I’m motivated…. I got 20 miles in the books.

In the last month I’ve done 20 miles of cardio, including running, stairs and walking. I haven’t completed that statistic in the last 6 months, and I still have one more week to more miles.

So far, I’ve also lost about 3 pounds in the last week, week in a half.

 Running with the pup

Running with the dog has been a bit of a challenge lately. The dog can run, but lately she hasn’t wanted to run as far as she used to last year. So, after some reading, I’ve decided to take her on the end of my runs instead of the whole run. This has allowed me to run with her until she is done, as well as she gets to push me into completing more miles.

So far, I’ve tested this out on a couple of runs and it seems to work great for us. Hopefully, after gaining some more time she’ll be able to run the whole time with me soon.

Looking for Other Apps?

So far, I’m still using the NikeRunning+ App. I haven’t had enough time to explore other apps at the present, but so far it still continues to work with my current running needs.

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