A new year, a new resolution?

It is a new year. The holidays are behind us and that means we can start the savings, begin the health and diet kicks, and think about how to make it the best year possible.

However, what if you take it to another level. Why not begin the year with the hardships and work harder towards the end, rather than make a resolution that would be forgotten by the end of the year?

The year may start by telling you to take a step back and look around. When you get a door slammed in your face, don’t retaliate. Instead, take it as a chance to look at the world around you. Ask yourself, what are you thankful for at that moment: health, family, love, security…

What do I notice when I look around at the start of the year:
1) Having a supportive family and friends
2) A healthy, strong body
3) Great opportunities for growth
4) A job that I love

Looking around, you might also see things that change in the coming year. The year holds many possibilities as well as the opportunities to make the change.

What I would like to improve by the end of the year:
1) Growing in my career
2) Improving my relationship with my brother
3) Having a healthier diet
4) Challenging myself physically and mentally

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