The Fall is Approaching

The summer is Kristen’s favorite time of year. However, the fall and winter are great times also.

The fall brings new fashion, family gatherings and events.

It is nice to change wardrobes a few times a year, especially in Florida. However, Floridians may not see a temperature change until winter. Nonetheless, Kristen looks forward to the new fashion season.

Kristen also looks forward to the holidays. this time brings shopping trips and the family together. She loves baking and cooking for the family, and then seeing the smile on everyone’s face.

Although the family’s gatherings fake place around food, she isn’t going to let her hard sworn slip. Kristen is going to cook and bake items heathy and stay fit, either at the gym or around the home.

The last thing Kristen looks forward to are the events. Through volunteering at the charity, she helps the fundraising events and children’s events.

These are just some of the reasons why she looks forward the season.

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