Month 2

The trainer keeps kicking my butt every week, and today was no different. This afternoon I have done some things I have not been able to do in a while. One of those is doing push-ups for one minute and a walking plank for 55 seconds, which I don’t think I have ever done. Each week I notice myself getting stronger and I am not as sore after the training sessions. I am extremely excited with the direction that I am heading in. Although, unlike my mom, who has lost weight, I have not. Well, I notice my muscle mass and metabolism going up, however my inches have yet to go down. My pants and shirts still fit the same. I have also changed my diet and eat smaller meals. So, I will wait patiently to see the other changes. 

What is Ahead?

Well, I’m not too sure what else to do at this moment. I am going to continue to eat healthier and smaller servings, as well as continue with my routines. For the workouts, I have 2 days for weights, 1 day is yoga, 1 day for training, and another day is left for either weights or pilaties. That leaves me with 2 recovery days.

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