Still Breaking Us Down

After finishing the third training session, both my mom and I still feel broken. The session seems to get more brutal every week, and concentrating on the full body workout. We are both able to feel like we are getting stronger and our body’s are not as sore as long as it used to be. So it seems like we are making progress. At this moment, I have yet to lose inches on my waist or pounds. But, I have noticed more definition in my arms.

The Diet

This past week my mother and I talked to the trainers at about our diet. I am really concerned because I seem to be hungry a lot more than I used to be and I don’t want to ruin my progress by eating too much or the wrong foods. The trainer gave me some pointers on what I should start eating more of as well as the portion sizes. I will tell you that changing the portions is very hard, and I was still hungry for a while with it. So this week mom has brought home some healthy eating and snacking suggestions from work. We both went shopping and loaded up on healthy and filling foods such as yogurt, trail mix, smoothies, and protein bars. Now, we both have healthy foods to eat and help us become stronger with our new lifestyle.

This Weeks Goal

My goal for this week is to eat healthier snacks, especially while at work. Continue going to the gym at least with 2 days for weights and cardio, and 1 day for yoga. I will also watch my portions and hopefully make my way to losing the inches soon.

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