Week 2 Down

After my first training session, I was surprised by how sore my body was. I was sore for at least 4 days, which I cannot remember the last time my body has worked out that hard. So for the rest of the week I  did cardio and stretching as instructed, as well as a day of leg work, since my legs were not as sore as my upper body.

The Training Session

Thursday evening, we did another full body workout. However, he concentrated on the lower body, legs, lower back, and abs. Once again, I am sore for a good 4 days. It feels great to be pushed like this because I do not normally push myself this hard.

But, I also notice that I am hungrier than normal. After talking to my trainer, he is suggesting that my metabolism is going back up. So I need to start giving my body smaller meals throughout the day and keep my portions about a handful. Although, because I am making my meals smaller my stomach will be shrinking and it will feel like I am hungrier a lot more. It’ll take my body 3 to 5 days for it to shrink.

So far, I can feel the difference with my body. However, I have not noticed any of my clothes shrinking at this point. Not that I thought it would show this fast. But, once I start eating better and more frequently, as well as working out more once I get my 4 day program going. I’m sure I’ll start to see a difference within the 3 months like I was told.

A New, Healthy Eating Lifestyle

Like my trainer was saying, it is time to get my meals and snacks to become healthier and better for my body. To do that I have devised a plan that will be implemented within the next 2 weeks. One, will be my portions. I am going to make my portions smaller a handful of meat with a handful and a half of carbs and veggies. Two, will be implementing more well-rounded snacks while working.

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