Making the Change

A few weeks ago I made a statement saying that I wanted to make a change to becoming healthier and stronger. I am now making a year commitment to making this goal a reality. However, along with my dad’s encouragement, I also have my mom making this commitment with me. Having the two of us work together for a common goal, will help us achieve everything we want.

The First Step

To make the change happen so that neither of us will give up, mom decided that a personal trainer is the best decision. With a little encouragement from me, the two of us made the commitment. The personal trainer will at least make us come to the gym once a week, no matter what the circumstances are. Along with our one-on-one trainings, we will have a 4 day program that outlines a workout routine that we both need to

Post Workout

accomplish before the next session.

Making the Change & Cuts

So a personal trainer means more expenses that I would rather have not had. However, to make sure my mom won’t give any more excuses. I went in with her for the trainer. The training sessions are not cheap, nor are they expensive. But, I still want to keep saving about as much as I am currently.  To do this, I am going to give up my group fitness classes, which will save me an extra $13 a month. Next, I am going to cut the extra shopping expenses I normally make when going out with friends. These couple of changes should balance out some, so that I can still afford the trainer while still adding to my savings.

Post Workout

Where I Start

So today was the first day of my training. I am not going to look at the scale too much like I originally planned, since muscle weighs more than fat. I am going to keep a record of my measurements. Right now my waist is at 30″ and my hips are 36″.

Here I Go

The first day of the training went great, and I am wore out. My muscles are weak and I am starting to feel a tad sore. But, this is going to lead to a healthier lifestyle, especially with me sitting at a desk 40 hours a week. In addition, this is also going to be great for my mom. Getting her back on the right track for her health is going to be great, and this is just the push that she needed. I am glad that she finally decided to make a change for herself too.

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