The need for treated water

(2009) Pensacola, Fl-

The Crist Gulf Power Plant has published an issue of intent to use 20 million gallons a day (mgd) of treated water from Escambia Coast Utilities Authority (ECUA) that will be used in cooling towers 6 and 7, with a portion of the treated water going to the flue gas desulfurization (fgd).

The intent issue was published on March 26 and has 14 days for a third party to interject.

This revising will let Gulf Power take water from ECUA or the Escambia River. The permit for ECUA has not gone through and is still being drafted.

“Using the water from ECUA will save 12 to 14 mgd that wont be taken from the river,” said Jeff Rogers, Crist Electric Plant Spokesman.

The Department of Environmental Protection revised the current permit to be able to accept the water from ECUA and to allow use of the blow down in the new scrubber currently under construction.

“The scrubber will have pollution bubble up in lime stone slurry that catches the emissions and make gypsum,” said Rogers. “This will lower air emissions, particularly sulfur dioxide by 95 percent, and gypsum can be used as a safe wall product.”

The treated water has nutrients that the Escambia River and upper Escambia Bay cannot add to it.

“Escambia River and Escambia Bay are impaired with unbalanced nutrients,” said Bill Evans Domestic Wastewater Permitting Section Supervisor at the Department of Environmental Protection. “Gulf Power will be discharging the treated water through the blow down and back to ECUA, and they will only discharge into the river during certain times of the year.”

Evans also said that these certain times a year would be for situations like maintenance.
“When Gulf Power discharges into the river, they are required to have another permit because of the modification to the total maximum daily load,” said Evans.

This permit will also need to be revised when Gulf Power is allowed to take water from ECUA.

As long as Gulf Power’s intent passes through without objection on April 9, they are ready to receive treated water from ECUA.

“At this point Crist is ready to receive the treated water, but because the ECUA’s permit has not gone through Crist can still take water out of the river, they have a choice to take either from the river or ECUA,” said Kim Allen environmental specialist with the Department of Environmental Protection.

Once ECUA’s permit has qualified they are responsible to publish it in the paper, but there is no date for the publication at this time.

“ECUA can’t use the water and needs customers to take the water,” said Evans. “During normal operations at Gulf Power the discharge will go to a sewer and the water will go back to ECUA to be treated again.”

As long as there are no one objects to the issue of intent for Gulf Power they are ready to receive the water when ECUA’s permit passes.


Apr 2009

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