3 stories, that’s all you get

Yesterday I twitted that I was bored with stories about Libya. Yes, I know how vital the story is and why people should or do care about it. After watching the same story spun different ways for 3 or more hours the result: boredom. There has to be something else going on in the world or nation. For instance I have yet to see a story about the tar sands protest at Capital Hill. The reason for the protest should get national coverage, but on top of that protestors are arrested.

So with no variety to my morning I gave up on 24 hour news networks.

I did turn the stations on today, thinking the line up for the morning had variety. There was, but only a little. The story of Libya, still replaying. The video and audio footage from over seas horrible. Could there be no time to spare to fix that issue and get better quality? Did they really have nothing to fill the time so the photographer and journalist could get send better footage? Why of course not, that is why it is aired right then. How could I possibly be thinking other wise.

But, I’m thinking still.

They spared a brief amount of time to talk about Hurricane Irene and the dropped charges for Stratuss-Kahn. Those three stories are precedence over stories going on all over the world, and most important in our nation. So watching the news I got a great variety of 3 stories replayed over and over again for 3 hours. The result: boredom.

But, I’m thinking still.

There was a Earthquake today. My gues fosr the line up tomorrow morning will be: Libya(free?), Stratuss-Kahn(Free? what does this mean), Hurricane Irene(where is she going?), and Earthquake (what does this mean?).  Nothing more.

I bet we will not hear of the protest at Capital Hill against tar sands or the arrests made.

Why they are protesting?  Are they going to let people know what the pipe line will mean? Why the protestors are arrested? How long they will be arrested for and what grounds were they arrested on? Isn’t the right to assembly in the constitution?

This is just one of many stories that should be covered and added to the line up through out the day. What else may be going on that they neglect to tell us while we watch reruns and spin offs all day? I thought the point to start the 24 hour news program was to inform the public all day about the nation and the world. About variety and knowledge on events outside our local broadcast. I guess this goes out the window when a “major” story takes precedence.

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