Sharks Day

Mayor Alvin Brown Declared today to be Sharks Day. The Jacksonville Arena Football team has been in the league for two years winning the national championship on August 8th.

Mayor Alvin Brown in my opinion is not a great public speaker and his speech writer needs some improving also.

Today’s speech honoring the arena football team could have been much improved. After comparing the arena game to a high energy basketball game, he say’s that this is proof not to count Jacksonville out.

Well, Mayor Alvin Brown how is Jacksonville counted out? Are you talking in the realm of football or all around sports in our area. This is a confusing statement which I don’t understand why it was mentioned to begin with.

The people cheered at this statement, but I wonder if the people cheered because of the impact Mayor Brown’s voice gave or if they are just excited. I think if the people were really paying attention and thought about what he said many would be as confused as I was about the statement.

This one statement in his speech confuses me every time I hear it on the news. “We are not just a southern city or the river city, we are a football city….Football is in our blood” Well Mayor Brown we have been a football city since 1995 when the Jacksonville Jaguars was inaugurated. Maybe he was trying to say we are a arena football city?

I would not have used the last sentence either. Football is in our blood. I’m sure his speech writer had time to write this, given they won the championship a week ago.

How about we change that dreadful sentence to something along the lines of: “Jacksonville is known as the first coast, the river city and home of the Gator Bowl. But the list of what makes this city known is long and today we will be adding to the list. Jacksonville will also be known as a arena football city…The sharks are taking a bite out this town.”

Mayor Brown has not been in office long, and I hope during his term as mayor that his speeches become much improved or that he invests in a new writer or multiple writers.

But, congratulations to the Jacksonville Sharks team for their first championship. Happy Jacksonville Sharks Day.


(arena football information) (for the speech)

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